About Us

Company overview

Expert Constructions Pty Ltd is a family owned & operated building company specialising in both domestic and commercial building projects. Within the domestic sector we specialise in new homes, renovations and extensions, whilst the commercial sector specialises in shop fitting with a focus on food premises and commercial catering.

Our clients vary from large multinational-franchises to first time business owners and first home-builders. With experience spanning over 35 years we have developed a solid reputation for providing a high standard of service for our clients, this reputation is based on honesty, reliability, professionalism and high quality workmanship. We believe in one on one interaction with our clients and will always meet with new clients personally in order to understand their requirements and will continue to work directly with them throughout their working relationship with us, ensuring that there is always constant communication and understanding.

The objective of Expert Constructions Pty Ltd is to primarily complete projects that exceed our client’s expectations, particularly to

  • okTime 
  • okQuality 
  • ok Cost

Company goals

  • okTo continually produce quality craftsmanship that we can be proud of.
  • okTo maintain a professional and successful business.
  • okTo meet our clients varying requirements particularly with relation to time and function.
  • okTo continue to challenge with unique and challenging projects.
  • okTo maintain safe work practices
  • okTo provide onsite training to apprentice employees
  • okTo continue to build upon our respected reputation within the building industry.

 Company objectives

  • okTo develop upon our reputation for quality work within prescribed timelines.
  • okTo explore other aspects of shop fitting, moving into product development or importation and supply of products
  • okTo develop relationships with innovative, cutting edge architects and designers
  • okTo be on the forefront of new innovations and design concepts
  • okTo cultivate strong relationships with contractors and suppliers
  • okTo ensure that all Australian standards, building codes and regulations are adhered to
  • okTo implements and maintain a comprehensive occupational health and safety plan

Organisational plan

Expert Construction Pty Ltd is run solely by its two directors. The directors are consistently on site working on the tools along with the apprentice carpenters who work side by side with the directors.

The directors manage all aspects of the business from the carpentry to the estimating, payment of invoices to managing the accounts. Specialist activities are outsourced, as is the supply of specialist equipment. During busy periods others resources are available to ensure deadlines and clients expectations are met. And obviously with specialist advice we have, over the years, developed close relationships with industry professionals who we trust to provide us with the very best information and advice every time.

It is, and always has been the in tension of Expert Constructions Pty Ltd to undertake the majority of works on a project. We have worked hard within our industry to learn and develop a large skill set which enables us to complete the majority of works on a project without the reliance on outside contractors, thus enabling us to keep running costs down. Obviously, we do value expertise and are always striving for perfection and in doing so realise that where required specialised trades should be engaged on a sub-contractor basis. We also believe that there is scenarios where it is true to say that to make money you need to spend money. We choose to spend money on quality and expertise.